New LeBron James Commercial Wants You to Feel Safe in a Self-Driving Car

[image-1]At first LeBron James is skeptical.

"Nope," he says, as the sleek white car rolls up without a driver. But by the end of the new Intel commercial, an accident-free car ride has our hero saying, "Hey y'all, I'm keeping this."

And that's what Intell wants all potential customers to think of its recently acquired auto visual technology, which helps cars to drive all alone without the help of a human.

As it stands now, a recent Pew Research study found, nearly six out of 10 Americans say they don't feel comfortable hopping into a self-driving automobile. But as car crash deaths continue to rise in this country — thanks drunk drivers — companies like Intell and its competitors hope to market the technology well enough to change public perception.

In the meantime, Intel has employed the "fearless" James to convince folks  their product is safe. Not a terrible start.

Watch the commercial below: