Rock Hall to Host Kids Film It Festival

When 14-year-old Ryan Levine decided to start a film festival for kids, he chose to partner with the Michael J. Fox Foundation because his grandmother has Parkinson’s disease.

“Michael J. Fox is an incredible actor but what he has done for Parkinson’s disease is even more impressive,” explains Levine in a press release announcing the details for this year’s Kids Film It Festival, which comes to the Rock Hall at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 10. “I love movie making but there aren’t many festivals that encourage movies made by kids and we want to teach kids that they can put their passion to good use, raising money for a cause. We want this to be like Sundance or Tribeca but for kids and for charity.”

In only its second year, the festival has received over 100 submissions from around the country. Children ages 8 to 18 were able to submit. The festival will feature three different age groups and three categories (animation, music and film). Winners in each category and age group will be announced at the Rock Hall. A DeLorean, reminiscent of Michael J Fox’s ride in Back to the Future, will be on the plaza beforehand.

Three Hollywood executives will participate in the Kids Film It Festival. Todd Lieberman, who produced the films Wonder and Stronger, Marc Buckland, an Emmy Award-winning producer and director, and Ivan Schwarz, the President of the Greater Cleveland Film commission, are this year’s judges.

Tickets can be purchased through, and 100 percent of ticket sales will go to the MJFF.