Which of These Three New Downtown Cleveland Alliance Videos Makes You Feel Coolest About Living, Working or Playing Downtown?

The Downtown Cleveland Alliance unveiled a trio of new promo videos for 2018 touting Downtown Cleveland as The Place to Be. They are, in a word, frenetic. Another description would be Very Generically On-Brand.

We're on the move! Something for everyone! No one stays home! Jargon! Sports! Culture! Food! Tech! Jobs! Rejuvenation! Connectivity! Mini doughnuts! Dowwwwwwwntownnnnnnnn!

Here's how they introduced them in a press release:
These short films capture the day-in-the-life journeys of three captivating individuals, depicting the current energy and momentum in Downtown Cleveland. From our dynamic sports teams, luxury apartments, booming food and entertainment scene, as well as the innovative businesses that help to make Downtown Cleveland a premier place to live, work, and play.

From the eager young professional to the established businessman, and the entrepreneurial mother, everyone has a place in the fastest growing neighborhood, and largest city center in our state, Downtown Cleveland. We’re just getting started! 
And here are the videos themselves: