Flats East Bank Flip Side is Closed, Will Reopen as '70s-Style Entertainment Venue

Given that Flip Side is a family friendly burger bar, owner Michael Schwartz concedes that perhaps the Flats East Bank wasn’t the best location for the concept. He and partners Tiffany and Shawn Monday will stick with their six other locations of that concept, but have shuttered the downtown location as of close of business yesterday.

“We’ve been working on a concept to rebrand the space for many months,” Schwartz explains. “This is an entertainment district and we’re going to become an entertainment facility. We know that our bread is going to be buttered on Friday and Saturday nights because that’s when the business is here.”

When it opens in spring, Good Night John Boy will a highly conceptual dive bar dripping with nostalgia. If you’ve always wanted to hang out with the gang in Eric Forman’s basement from “That '70s Show,” you might soon get the chance.

“We’re going to create a great ‘70s party atmosphere — think classy, high-end Basement from the good-old days of the Flats,” Schwartz adds. “It’s going to be a party in here on weekends.”

During the week, Good Night John Boy will serve diner-style breakfast and lunch items like eggs benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes, corned beef sandwiches and the like. The owners are attempting to finagle free parking to facilitate quick, affordable ins and outs at breakfast time. Dinner will only be served on weekends, and it will run until 4:30 a.m.

“We feel there’s a late-night food need in Cleveland,” he says.

Schwartz says that although he admits that Flip Side might not have been the best fit for the spot, he never had any interest in packing it all in.

“We’re doing really well down here with Magnolia and FWD,” says the owner of both of those Flats-based concepts. “We’re vested down here.”

Meanwhile, the team’s other project, Bell and Flower, is currently taking shape in the former home of Rick’s Café in Chagrin Falls. That new concept should come online sometime in January.