Sweet Apple Releases New Music Video Featuring 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Mark Boone Junior

click to enlarge Sweet Apple Releases New Music Video Featuring 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Mark Boone Junior
Courtesy of John Petkovic
Sweet Apple, the rock band that features locally based guitarist Tim Parnin and singer John Petkovic, recorded its heady new album, Sing the Night in Sorrow, in several different states. As a press release about the disc puts it, the record “explores themes such as longing and escape, darkness consumed by endless daylight, love amid lovelessness, faulty memory, alienation and distance, all set to a musical palette that mixes atmosphere with impact.”

Now, the band has just released a new music video for the track “Everybody’s Leaving”/”Crying in the Clouds.” Set in a "ramshackle" section of Los Angeles, it stars Sons of Anarchy’s Mark Boone Junior as a man who drives off in a stolen car and picks up a hitchhiker (Lord of the Rings’ Harry Sinclair) on the way to Vegas.

“We shot it in this part of L.A. where there were all these shops selling car parts and stuff," says Petkovic. "These guys kept on coming around to see what we were doing. and we were worried they were going to call the cops on us.
As it turned out, they thought we were shooting a Sons of Anarchy episode and wanted to watch.”

In the video, Boone and the chicken (played by his real-life feathery companion, Baby Dee) wander the streets until Boone drives off in the stole car, leaving his feathered friend in the street. Petkovic directed the video, and the song also features back-up vocals from Guided by Voices frontman Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices).

“Baby Dee lives with Boone, like to watch TV with him on the couch and even goes on cross- country drives,” says Petkovic. “She’s a smart chicken and takes direction well, comes when she’s called and enjoys the spotlight. After shooting, Boone and I went to grab something to eat at Phillippe the Original in Los Angeles and took Baby Dee. She travels in a bowling bag. All these Sons of Anarchy fans starting coming up to Boone, as they always do when he goes out. But then Baby Dee popped out of her bag and became the star.”