The 2018 Comics Issue

We turn the calendar here at Scene this week the same way we have for the past five years: with the Comics Issue. Helmed once again by the esteemed, multi-talented and tireless John G., it's a celebration of the talented working comic artists in Cleveland, those who are carrying on the city's long and storied tradition in panels and pushing it in new directions.

This year the assembled group — John G., of course, as well as Sequoia Bostick, Miguel C. Hernandez, Kate Atherton, Noelle Richard, and Jed Collins — are telling winter tales. From lessons learned in the midst of frigid temperatures and blustery snowstorms to lasting memories, from the O.C. to milkshakes, from ourselves at our worst to ourselves at our best, they blew us away and we're sure you'll feel the same. Happy new year, everyone, and happy winter.