'Defiant Penis Murals' Now On Display in Canton

Roland Burns' graphic public art is causing quite the stir in Canton. After the city cited him multiple times for not cleaning up his buildings, the property owner decided to paint something the 4th grader in all of us would find hilarious.

One wall depicts an in-your-face penis with dragon wings, while the other is adorned with a glaring Medusa portrait ... but instead of snakes for hair? You guessed it, lanky genitalia.

Burns' phallic works has garnered reporting from local papers since they appeared back in November and even gained the attention of Roadside America, a website dedicated to finding all the places in the country worthy of a tourist stop, where the artworks are filed as "defiant penis murals."

Canton building and code enforcement officials have yet to legally find a way to remove the murals on Burns' property.

“As a city, we have difficulty controlling content,” Jason Reese, Canton's assistant law director told the Canton Repository. “That’s where we get into First Amendment rights.”