Letters to the Editor

We're All a Bunch of Babies, A Jeerful Reunion, Four Still Dead in Ohio, Remember: All Food Is Tasty, Makes Great Toilet Paper, Too

We're All a Bunch of Babies

I totally enjoyed your recent article "Machiavellian Mayhem" [April 13]. The story and the cartoons on the Willoughby Hills elected officials illustrate the acting out and posturing against ourselves that is an overwhelming mirror of our immaturity. Is our inability to mature the horror of our human condition? "Adult" implies accountability for one's actions. Until we can control our own behavior, overreacting is the way we create boundaries of safety for our "dependent" identity.

To their credit, the members of the Willoughby Hills council are unified to protect the natural beauty of their forested city -- that is admirable. Sensitivity to other life forms is a good sign. Our metropolitan environment is rife with the continued waste and squalor of our collective resources. Decisions of insensitive elected officials and individuals motivated by the one-dimensional self-interest are a child's intellect seeking gratification.

Until we can evolve into accountable adults, we will continue to see our human resources, both inwardly and externally, consumed without care or concern. We will continue to passively run to the "neighborhood pub" to numb our pain. Sobering up, embarrassed, scrambling to defend our wounded self again. Thanks for holding up the mirror.

Dan Rothenfeld

A Jeerful Reunion

Great to see Harvey Pekar and Gary Dumm reunited in their comic efforts. And a nice surprise to find them in the pages of Scene. Plus a great Ray Bradbury illustration by Gary in this week's issue [Night & Day, April 13]. Way to go, Gary! Mike Wartella's illustrations for the "Machiavellian Mayhem" article were hilarious, too. Keep up the good work, guys!

Brian Chalmers

Four Still Dead in Ohio

Congratulations to the fools who invited Mumia Abu-Jamal to Kent State on May 4 [The Edge, April 6]. They have succeeded where countless university administrators, politicians, and even a gymnasium have failed. They have sullied the memory of what May 4 should always mean.

The guilt or supposed innocence, of which I admit I am suspicious, of Mr. Jamal notwithstanding, he and his cause do not belong in that place on that day. Kris Perch states that "People ended up dead here because they were speaking out on critical issues."

The four students who were shot on May 4 were not, at least on that day, speaking out on anything. They were walking about the campus and were caught in the crossfire between young, frightened National Guard troops with overly anxious trigger fingers and a few non-students pursuing a selfish, violent agenda at great risk to their followers. Sadly, both groups were mere children, really -- caught up in the politics, compassion, and insanity of the times. May 4 is not the date at Kent State to debate racism, police brutality, unjust trials, or capital punishment. There are 364 days each year on which Mr. Jamal and his naive supporters can rally at Kent. May 4 belongs, and always should belong, to Jeffrey Glenn Miller, Allison B. Krause, Sandy Lee Scheuer, and William K. Schroeder. May they rest in peace.

Michael A. Wypasek

Remember: All Food Is Tasty

The negative attitude and inconsistency that Elaine Cicora writes with is shameful. In her April 6 article, "Liquid Assets," the only statement that was worthy of the time to read it was "Apparently, however, this prejudice is far from universal." So true, Elaine. Thank you for your opinion!

This was another typical negative restaurant review. It amazes me that Cleveland has any restaurants remaining. Obviously, there are very few worthy of Cicora's presence. I arrived in Cleveland nearly 20 years ago, when Gateway, the Flats, the Warehouse District, and Cleveland's downtown were virtually nonexistent. Since then, a lot of entrepreneurs and city officials have turned this town around. Thank you!

The restaurant industry is huge -- providing jobs for a lot of people. Like most industries, there is something for everyone and every class; that does not make one place wrong. If you want it your way or to your personal liking, go for it: Open your own restaurant. Your ongoing negative opinions really do not matter; we all have different opinions and tastes. With all our problems in the world today, it would be nice to see a writer continually find something right and write about it.

William Zelinski

Makes Great Toilet Paper, Too

I know you won't print this. I just have to get it off my chest. I'll never understand Cleveland "entertainment" paper writers. Why do you waste a whole column on a Mushroomhead/Slipknot "so-called" feud [Soundbites, April 13]? Who cares? Besides, that's a paragraph of content at best. Why does that rate so much space? While I don't give a fuck about wannabe "wigger" bands, I wish them both all the success in the world. Was it a slow week for news? It's called "soundbites," not "soundbite." What a waste of space. Turn us on to some entertainment. Places and bands to check out, not this "gossip" bullshit. There's a lot more important events/clubs/bands you could have given such "exposure" to. Give me a break.

Raven Slaughter