Monday, October 29, at the Agora.

Originally billed as the world's loudest rock festival, Metallennium's growl has been reduced to a meager yelp. Plagued by show cancellations, band cancellations -- the tour lost four of its top-tier acts -- and a generally depressed vibe following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the current lineup doesn't pack near the punch of the original. Soilent Green took its premier New Orleans grindcore off the bill after kicking guitarist Ben Stout out of the band, while the travel industry chaos that followed September 11 left death- and black-metal groups Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, and Witchery stranded in Europe, scrambling to reorganize their tour schedules. Metallennium's ticket prices fell, and a series of bitchy messages began popping up on the tour's website. Then, the bands that remained couldn't perform all the shows, making even the watered-down version a crapshoot for fans. As if all this weren't enough, the tour also promised screenings of CKY3, a skate-and-prank video from the men who unleashed MTV's Jackass on the nation, but now it's unclear if that's even still a part of the deal. Cleveland is the next-to-last stop for Metallennium, and one can only imagine that's good news for all concerned. Six Feet Under, featuring former Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes and former Massacre guitarist Steve Swanson, still brings some weight to the show. As does Candiria, a five-piece rap/rock/jazz outfit that's something of a misfit among the other acts (it joined the bill because it couldn't get over to the U.K. for its tour with Biohazard). Rounding out Metallennium are Lamb of God, God Forbid, and Darkest Hour, each a slightly different cookie cutter on the death-metal dough.