The Pink Holes

Breakfast With the Pink Holes (Smog Veil)

In the liner notes of this reissue of the Pink Holes' second record, Holes guitarist Kurt Turd confesses that, when the band would get together, sometimes he'd be laughing too hard to play his instrument. This becomes wholly evident upon listening to Breakfast With the Pink Holes, an album that puts punch lines far above proficiency.

In truth, though, the Holes weren't as bad as they'd like you to believe. Though they gained infamy more for their antics than their aesthetics -- for singer Les Black occasionally playing drums with his penis or bassist Cheese Borger puking up pink milk shakes -- the Holes' legacy is marked by a lot more than dick jokes. After all, you can't take the band out of its early/mid-'80s context, when the pompous arena rock that punk began in response to gave way to a decade of equally haughty hair-metal dominance.

It was in this atmosphere of overseriousness that the Holes were formed, and their wiseass, dog-eared piss pop was the perfect answer to all the posturing that was taking place in the music industry. Nothing about these guys was straight -- least of all, their faces -- as they sang, off-key of course, about Phil Collins's panties and seeing their mothers naked. Breakfast collects all six tracks that constituted their sophomore effort and tops them off with a dozen bonus cuts, including some real gems like the thunderous spit bath of "Billy Monster" and the nun-socking "Frustration Factor." The timing of it all couldn't be better. In a year when sobering stinkers like the Get Up Kids and Saves the Day have come to epitomize punk, the Holes hark back to the days when the form was about having a gas instead of passing it.