Mooney Suzuki

With the Datsuns and the Chargers. Wednesday, March 20, at the Grog Shop.

"Do they sound like this on purpose?" inquired a friend as Mooney Suzuki's obsessively vintage '60s Motor City muscle rock bled through a pair of car speakers. To answer the gentleman's question, yes. These boys ain't got a scrap of originality -- it's all MC5/Stooges/whatever swagger updated for the modern too-cool-for-school art crowd. People Get Ready, the N.Y.C. quartet's much-ballyhooed debut, isn't so much an artistic statement of purpose as a mod-rockin' Halloween costume, cut whole from someone else's cloth (if that's Iggy Pop's cloth, I hope they washed it first). But it's fun, reasonably catchy, and definitely excited to be here. If there are any large amplifiers or other stage accoutrements for these overstimulated goofballs to climb, rest assured climbing will occur. You could pilfer worse.