Blue Rodeo

With the Cash Brothers. Sunday, October 6, at the Beachland Ballroom.

There are certainly more important reasons for Canadians to ask what's wrong with America than the inability of Blue Rodeo to make a dent in sales on this side of the border. But consider that this roots-rock band's albums routinely ship gold and reach platinum in short order in its native country and you, too, might wonder what's up with us. The band recently released its 10th album -- 11th if you count last year's greatest hits CD -- in Canada, and only in Canada. For the U.S. market, Blue Rodeo is trying a different tack -- self-release the CD Stateside, tour America extensively, and hope the Internet takes care of the rest.

The uninitiated should find plenty to like in Blue Rodeo. Founding members Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor write tough, beautiful music and articulate lyrics that, despite their band's name, is more rock than country, with unmistakable Beatles and Byrds influences, and the keyboards in a strong supporting role. But do actions speak louder than A&R people? Blue Rodeo is banking on it.