The Misfits

With Robo & Dez and Marky Ramone. Thursday, October 24, at Peabody's.

Say what you will about the controversial decision of Misfits bassist (and bankroller) Jerry Only to resurrect the band without its mastermind, New Jersey's self-styled Prince of Darkness, frontman Glenn Danzig. The move saved one of punk's great catalogs from gathering dust on the shelf.

After a decade-long legal battle for the rights to the name and material, Only led a spirited new group through 1997's improbably kick-ass American Psycho LP, 20 years after the Misfits' inception. When the dreadfully mixed results of 1999's Famous Monsters album and tour fragmented the lineup of a band already notoriously subject to personnel fluctuations, Only nearly gave up the ghost. The buff bassist was planning a 25th anniversary of punk tour with Joey Ramone when the punk icon died. Only took the loss as a challenge to see the project through, recruiting recent Rock Hall inductee Marky Ramone on drums and former Black Flag singer-guitarist Dez Cadena on six-string, and assuming vocal duties for last year's M25 tour, a roving punk rock Woodstock that featured 48 songs from the Misfits, Black Flag, and Ramones in a 90-minute blitzkrieg set. That same undead trio will bring the Misfits' classic, full-throttle, '50s-inflected autumn anthems to Cleveland. They walk among us still.