Vader, Immolation, the Berzerker, and Origin

Wednesday, November 13, at Peabody's.

This winter is going to see at least two seriously heavy underground metal tours. For those who can't wait for Nile's early 2003 jaunt with Napalm Death and Strapping Young Lad, this week's lineup should tide longhairs over.

Headliner Vader is supporting Revelations, possibly the heaviest thing it has ever released and a huge leap forward from the band's disappointing previous album. Taken as a whole, the disc offers proof that the phrase "Polish death metal band" is no joke.

Immolation is a long-running New York killing machine whose second album, Unholy Cult, is about to drop on Century Media. While the group's vocalist is depressingly generic, Immolation's hardcore-influenced riffs are all anyone could ask for.

The Berzerker is a unique act in death metal circles, spiking its hyperkinetic charge with electronic beats to show that, when you add an 808 kick drum sound to double-bass throbs, a concussion is all but guaranteed.

Origin is supporting its second album, which bears the unwieldy title Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, but which is a face-smashing hunk of highly technical death metal. And that's a good thing. So is this tour.