Josh Wink

Saturday, November 30, at Modä.

Back in 1995, before trance became synonymous with saccharine, mega-club bombast, Philadelphia's Josh Wink reigned supreme (at least in Europe and Great Britain) with smash hits like "Don't Laugh," "Liquid Summer," and "Higher State of Consciousness." Wink's acidic floor-fillers were as freaky as the chaotic tangle of blond dreadlocks he sported in those days. Since then, Wink has issued two albums as a producer, 1996's Left Above the Clouds and 1998's Herehear. The latter -- released on his Ovum label -- covered a lot of ground (techno, ambient, industrial, spoken-word, and more), not all of it fertile. However, Wink bounced back on the good foot a year later with an excellent mix CD of deep, intelligent techno, Profound Sounds Vol. 1, featuring cuts by Heiko Laux, Stacey Pullen, and Percy X. The once-massive Wink has been quiet lately, but we suspect he'll bring some new populist and profound sounds with him to Modä.