Insane Clown Posse

Saturday, December 14, at the Odeon.

It's best to compare Insane Clown Posse only to itself. To judge the outfit within the context of contemporary rap will lead to only one conclusion: The Posse sucks. Heck, they hardly even have any real songs. What ICP excels at is telling jokes and stories, and merchandising itself at a level that would make the original masters of greasepaint -- Kiss -- very proud.

The actual music is an afterthought, albeit a funny one. ICP's only virtuosity is in the art of the put-down. Take their riff on Eminem's mom, off 2000's Bizaar LP: "Every hair is like a foot long/Bitch look like a werewolf wearin' a thong."

You might laugh, you might not, but please don't take this seriously. If you do, the joke is most certainly on you.