Abdullah Reloads

Boulder frontman Jamie Walters rounds out a revamped lineup.

Sum 41's Deryck Whibley at the band's Agora show - last week. - Walter  Novak
Sum 41's Deryck Whibley at the band's Agora show last week.

Abdullah's Graveyard Poetry just earned a glowing review in Metal Maniacs, a mag as cherished among headbangers as Maxim is among frat boys, and the band is already retooling its lineup again, recruiting Boulder screamer-bassist Jamie Walters to take over on drums for the departed Jim Simonian.

The addition of Walters, who played bass on Abdullah's self-titled debut in 2000, follows the acquisition of Keelhaul singer-bassist Aaron Dallison on guitar late last summer -- a move that began Abdullah's transformation into a local metal supergroup of sorts. Other moonlighting members of Abdullah include bassist Ed Stephens, who splits time with Chuck Mosely's Vanduls Ugainst Alliteracy, and frontman Jeff Shirilla, who doubles as singer for Cleveland metal legends Breaker. See the new lineup this Sunday at Peabody's, where Abdullah will perform as part of the Cleveland Music Fest.

"We're already hard at work on new material, and hope to have a new record out by the end of the year," the band reports on its website.

Underrated Cleveland emo forerunners Brandtson will headline the upcoming Too Young to Die tour, a trek meant to promote suicide awareness. Also on the bill are Red Animal War, Desert City Soundtrack, Settlefish, and David Singer. There will be a corresponding compilation CD, available at Hot Topic outlets beginning March 4. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of tickets, merchandise, and compilations will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The tour kicks off March 14 in Dallas, hitting the Grog Shop on March 24.

Cleveland native LynnMarie has been selected as a presenter for this year's Grammy Awards pre-show, the off-camera ceremony where ho-hum awards like Best Liner Notes are doled out. LynnMarie herself is nominated for Best Polka Album (alas, another pre-show presentation), the second time she's been up for the honor. The Grammys will be broadcast on February 23.

Fiery Swedish rockers Blindside will appear at the SouthPark HMV store (1204 SouthPark Center) in Strongsville on Wednesday, February 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. Come out and meet P.O.D's favorite band -- and please don't hold that against them.

Is your band the scariest thing to hit music since Christina Aguilera's ass pants? You're in luck: A local production company is seeking submissions for a soundtrack to a horror/ slasher film to be released in March at the Frightvision convention in Independence. The music must be original and in the horror vein. Deadline for entries is March 1. Send your CDs to Ray Szuch/NCCC, 4913 Storer Avenue, Cleveland 44102.

Dynamic Cleveland hard rockers Biastfear will debut their new video for the cut "Escape" on March 1 at the Revolution. Bazooka Proof, Krumble, and HDP will perform at the premiere.