Beachland Third Anniversary Weekend

With Robbie Fulks, ? and the Mysterians, and others. Friday, January 28, and Saturday, March 1, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The Beachland Ballroom is celebrating its third anniversary with a stellar selection, the kind that owner Mark Leddy and company seem able to whip up with the ease that other clubs dole out lifeless jam bands.

Friday showcases the genre-deflecting stylings of singer-songwriter Robbie Fulks, the blue-collar storytelling of Johnny Dowd, and a reunion of local country faves the Dirty Bottom Boys.

On Saturday, Leddy steps from behind the bar and into the lineup of local burp 'n' surf rockers Satan's Satellites. New York City's Swingin' Neckbreakers bring in their 10-plus years of '60s garage-rockin' revisionism. And none other than an actual '60s garage rock great, ? and the Mysterians (albeit not all original members), should pound out what is reportedly a still-amazing live show. And there's a triple bill of indie rockers over in the tavern -- the Prom, Carissa's Weird, and the Six Parts Seven -- lest all that fun you're having in the ballroom require a proper collegiate calm-down.

In less than three years, Leddy has turned the Beachland into one of the most active and respected midsized clubs in the country. Go down and give him a thumbs up.