The Electric Six

With D4. Sunday, March 30, at the Grog Shop.

Touted by the U.K. press as the newest, nextest, nowest big thing to come out of Detroit Rock City since Jack and Meg White, Electric Six will either own up to its hype or die by the buzz saw.

E6 (like so many other faux-fresh outfits out of Motown) has been around for several years, but it's just now breaking Stateside, thanks to the domestic release of Danger! Remixes of that effort's title track have turned up alongside indie boogie hits by !!! and the Rapture at N.Y.C. dance parties, to the delight of fashionable flailers. When frontman Dick Valentine screams Dayeenjah! Dayeenjah! like a coked-up revivalist preacher in a headlock, over deep bass beats and jangly guitars, it's difficult to avoid bursting into motion.