Leftover Salmon

With the Jazz Mandolin Project. Tuesday, April 8, at the Odeon.

Ever seen someone jam on a water phone or an electric banjo made from a tree stump? Expect such curiosities when Leftover Salmon hits the Odeon this week, for this weed-lovin' troupe isn't just another bluegrass outfit. In 1989, Vince Herman of the Salmon Heads, a Cajun-calypso jug band, hooked up with progressive bluegrassers Drew Emmitt and Mark Vann of the Left-Hand String Band, and Leftover Salmon was born.

A self-described "polyethnic Cajun slamgrass band" that combines acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and Hammond organ to create something that's not quite bluegrass, jazz, rock, or country, Leftover Salmon spreads the gospel with tireless touring and cultivation of a loyal fan base. We recommend making some room on your plate for this bunch.