Visions Old, Feelings Cold (http://centrifugemusic.tripod.com)

Centrifuge's sophomore album indulges in stoned jam metal that moves slower than most senior citizens. The Youngstown trio revels in devolved doom, harking back to the very beginning of heavy metal, when slow and low was the tempo of Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath. Lumbering bass and hulking riffs are the basis of this band's ponderous sound, which loudly eschews economy: Every song on Visions Old, Feelings Cold stretches well past the five-minute mark.

Touches of modernity keep Centrifuge from becoming entirely monotonous. Peels of dissonant, Adam Jonesish guitar enliven "Ethanol," while "Underneath" borrows a page from Godflesh, with haunting, doleful vocals and a rhythmic repetition normally reserved for industrial bands. With these touches of 21st-century aggression tempering a vintage crunch, Centrifuge has brought heavy metal full circle. Don't be a square and miss out.