Seb Fontaine

Saturday, December 20, at Modä.

When DJs release double-disc comps on labels like Perfecto (run by gazillionaire jock Paul Oakenfold), spin on tourist-magnet islands like Ibiza, host shows on BBC Radio 1, or participate in high-selling mix-CD series like Global Underground, they become brand names, franchises whose products are reliable and utterly without surprises. And you have to admit there's comfort in that, as you sip your Starbucks java.

England's Seb Fontaine has achieved all of the rarefied feats mentioned above; he can afford to hire a shlub to lug his records 'round the globe and still tip the limo driver with a Ulysses. He can also perfectly beat-match 132-bpm records for hours on end, as he's proved at progressive-house/trance meccas like Cream and Ministry of Sound. That said, Fontaine's more likely to pepper his sets with tracks that probe prog house's darker and funkier strata. While in Northeast Ohio, he will surely drop Layo & Bushwacka's "Love Story," whose tune is lifted from Devo's bent new-wave classic "Mongoloid." Besides that, expect dozens of solid but unspectacular 132-bpm prog-house anthems you've heard, if you bought any of the 237 DJ mix albums of the stuff released in the last year.