Heavy Petting

Featuring Nora, Keelhaul, Disengage, At Wit's End, and others. Saturday, January 31, at Peabody's and Pirate's Cove.

Any dude who throws a birthday party for his dog is a hard-core animal lover. And Derek Hess's fondness for man's best friend extends far beyond José, his Pomeranian. The esteemed Cleveland artist has long championed animal-relief causes; this week, he's throwing a benefit for the Place-a-Pet Foundation, a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter based in Cleveland.

Dubbed "Heavy Petting," the benefit will feature more than a dozen local and national bands, headlined by Nora, the vein-bursting New Jersey hardcore upstarts, on two stages at the Peabody's/ Pirate's Cove complex. Chicago pop punks Spitalfield will bring the cloud-nine harmonies, while Rust-Belt raunch rockers the Sign-offs, howling old-school punks American Werewolves, and scalding hardcore satirists At Wit's End will represent the locals, alongside favorites Keelhaul and Disengage. Heavy Petting may be for the dogs (and cats), but this lineup is mutt-free.