Silence Is Easy (Capitol)

While the Verve/Radiohead/Jeff Buckleyisms of Love Is Here, Starsailor's 2002 debut, sent U.K. journos into convulsions of superlatives, the British quartet made only a tiny ripple stateside with its "poor-man's-Coldplay" vibe. This anonymity won't change with all the bland repetition found on the band's second disc, Silence Is Easy.

Anemic, folksy riffs alternate with ridiculously extravagant orchestration ("Some of Us") or pretentious, piano-based tedium ("Telling Them"), complementing such adolescent lyrics as "This is my head, you're in my world/And there's no one but you, girl." Even the title track, one of two songs produced by a pre-jailbird Phil Spector, wriggles its way into your head like a tapeworm through the gut, thanks to plodding rhythms and Spector's overblown lushness.

Easy's most interesting tracks ditch schmaltzy balladry for uptempo shenanigans. "Four to the Floor" sounds like the Stone Roses in leisure suits, and "Music Was Saved" stomps with infectious melodic ringing. Still, while Silence may be easy, sitting through this disc is anything but.