Lost in America

Lost in America (www.getlostinamerica.com)

The best recommendation for the debut CD by this quirky Cleveland trio is that you need not listen too closely to the lyrics to enjoy it. Perhaps guitarist and songwriter Tim White doesn't want to hear talk like that. He has a right to be proud of such sly ditties as "Beep," "Please Stop Touching Me," and "Trailer Trash," which display a keen sense of parody and a gift for satire.

But that stuff often goes over the head of the average listener. Catchy melodies, on the other hand, are never too highbrow. White, Mark Bradbourne (drums), and Todd Weider (bass) dish out some high-quality, rhythm-heavy pop-rock that's pretty tight, for a band that's been around less than a year. It'll cheer up anyone stuck in the doldrums, for sure. But it wouldn't be out of place at a toga party either.