Steve Poltz

Saturday, May 29, at the Beachland Ballroom.

Way back in the wayback, when poking fun at Eddie Vedder and helping out a fledgling singer-songwriter named Jewel were things to put on a résumé, Steve Poltz had it goin' on. As one of the founders of the Rugburns, one of those oh-so-scarce funny-on-purpose bands, Poltz gave the world songs such as "Me and Eddie Vedder," with its classic, raspy refrain, "Fades out in the middle/The way an eight-track's supposed to." He later co-wrote "You Were Meant for Me" with Jewel. Whereas she parlayed that song into millions, a film moment or two, and a subsequent career slide, Poltz stayed his course, telling comical stories about getting checked for testicular cancer and writing piles of good songs such as "Give You Up for Lent" and "I Killed Walter Matthau." His manic energy is the link between John Prine and Ween -- with a pile of surreal crotch humor thrown in for good measure.