Gravy Train!!!!

With Kroch. Monday, July 12, at the Grog Shop.

While the half-baked genre of electroclash cashed in its chips almost quicker than it could ante up, its echoes resound. One such reverberation is Oakland, California's Gravy Train!!!! Although the coed quartet's music is far removed from the contrived, plasticky kitsch of electroclash, it shares an affinity for the silly and the synthetic; band members Funx, Chunx, Hunx, and Junx whip up a musky froth onstage, fake-humping and dirty-talking as their array of chintzy keyboards and cheap beatboxes pounds the crowd.

The group's 2003 debut, Hello Doctor, was a smutty, slutty, fun-loving romp through a panoply of clunky beats and messy sexual scenarios that harnessed the most rudimentary strains of vintage rap, '80s synthpop, and lo-fi indie aesthetics. Its brand-new release is a dance-floor-aimed 12-inch vinyl single called Ghost Boobs, the title track being a sordid account of lead singer Chunx and her catastrophic loss of breast mass after going on a diet, resulting in the mammary-centered equivalent of phantom-limb syndrome. Later, on "Stop the Wedding," Chunx asks, "Does anyone object to this matrimony?/I always wanted a piece of that fried baloney." If you're looking for a hot night of sweat, sleaze, and sore muscles, hop on board the Train.