\Tuesday, August 17, at Peabody's.

For 20 years, through lineup changes that could rival Spinal Tap's; helplessly watching white, manufactured ska-punk outfits climb the pop charts; and undergoing its own search for truth and soul, Fishbone has persevered, for one simple reason: talent. Angelo Moore, Norwood Fisher, and Walter Kibby continue to helm one of the most electrifyingly organic stage shows in the land, blasting out torrents of hardcore punk, uptempo reggae, and their own whacked-out philosophies for fans who have kept the faith. Many bands outsell them, but nobody outplays them.

Fishbone erupted from Los Angeles's underground scene in the mid-'80s with other pioneers like Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and achieved major-label success, albeit briefly, before grunge and retro-punk overshadowed its contributions. Internal dissension, poor marketing, and claims of label racism hampered the all-black outfit's evolution, but the core remains. If you're in the mood for euphoric and sweaty fun, this show is a sure thing.