Dead Even Steps Ahead

A new hardcore band notches a European deal.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich, getting off at Gund Arena, - September 21. - WALTER  NOVAK
Metallica's Lars Ulrich, getting off at Gund Arena, September 21.
Cleveland metalcore up-and-comers Dead Even have scored a European distribution deal for their debut EP, Of Constant Rotation. Superhero Records, which recently signed a deal to distribute through the European branch of the international metal wellspring Century Media, will release the disc in October, following remastering and new artwork by Integrity frontman Dwid. The expatriate Cleveland metalcore pioneer connected the band with the label, which also distributed an EP by Dwid's Sledgehammer project.

"It's the best thing that could happen to us," says Dead Even frontman Jedediah C. "JC" Koszewski, an ex-Integrity bassist, who has worked in Mushroomhead's merchandising machine. "It seems like a solid investment of our time: You put your effort over here and see what builds up with it."

Superhero President Daniel Bader books shows throughout Europe and has worked with bands that include Integrity and Sworn Enemy. The label has issued discs from such hardcore stalwarts as Liar and Turmoil. The arrangement is for only one disc, but the band hopes it's the start of something bigger.

"In Europe and Germany, metalcore is very big at the moment," says Superhero president Daniel Bader. "The band sounds great, and different from all these bands we have in Germany."

· Following a May split with drummer Marc Russo, the artfully rocking band New Wave is moving to Seattle. It bids adieu with a show at the Beachland Tavern Thursday, September 30.

"It's really nice [in Seattle], and there are a lot of good things going on musically," says singer-guitarist Bryce Brown. "Here, there are a lot of great bands that nobody cares about, and there are no labels in town. Plus, we've been in Cleveland our whole lives, and we're all tired of snow."

· Starz guitarist Brenden Harkin was detained by security at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and missed the '70s rockers' show Thursday, September 23, at the Beachland Ballroom. But the band, playing to a full house, performed as a four-piece and recorded the show for an upcoming live album.

· Hardcore favorites State of Conviction and metalcore innovators Ascension will, respectively, reunite and reconvene for a December 18 show at Peabody's (2083 E. 21st Street). SOC features Jason Popson -- the artist formerly known as J. Mann of Mushroomhead -- and his Unified Culture bandmates. The group released a full-length in 1997. Ascension features Chimaira guitarist Matt DeVries and bassist "Metal Dave" Johnson from Soulless.