Cemetery Gatez

With Stapleface, Torne, and Lotus Pedal. 8 p.m. Friday, October 1. $5, 21 and over/$7, 18-20. Squeeze Play, 5178 Pearl Rd., 216-661-6213.

Even when Pantera was in its prime, the band's live shows had a somewhat stultifying filler-to-killer ratio after singer Phil Anselmo (pictured) started to rant. As the frontman for Cemetery Gatez, America's (self-described -- though many a fan agrees) No. 1 Pantera-tribute band, Rick throws some off-the-cuff banter, P.H.A. style, but he saves his energy for dead-on renditions of "Cowboys From Hell" and "I'm Broken." Pantera's gone, but now you can get broken too.