15 Forever

Letters published December 1, 2004

15 Forever
One man's porn is another man's choir:
I enjoyed your story on Akron Cable Access Channel 15 ["Debbie Does Akron," November 17], but I was dismayed by the sensationalism, and worse, by the idea that you are playing into the hands of those who would down this valuable public resource. I love Channel 15; my family hates it. That is because the programming consists of smiling, singing Baptist choirs or homespun evangelists preaching from their church or their mother's basement. My five-year-old and I love to watch the kids' show, Ask Gilbey, and its lovable giant Dalmatian.

I don't want anyone restricting this channel. The shows you write about are welcome to be on at 3 a.m. My kids won't see them. Ms. Valentine may need a keeper to protect her, but leave me alone.

Time Warner would love nothing better than to shut down 15 and replace it with infomercials or another home-shopping channel. The Republican Mandate would love to shut it down, so that only Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh, Clear Channel, and O'Reilly are heard. Anyone can make a show and put it on. I suggest you do so, before Ms. Valentine, Mr. Renner, Mr. Murdoch, and Mr. Bush shut it down.

Dave Manka

Take an Ill pill: Big ups to James Renner on shining some light on the illest cable-access programs in Ohio. Don't sleep on the 330. I also wanna thank Ms. Valentine for helping with the exposure. To all my fans: Just keep it locked on Illmatic TV!

Al Henderson
North Canton

A Slippery Subject
Hey, stupid and slutty are the fun part:
After reading Cris Glaser's coverage of the upcoming Survivor Series in Cleveland ["Outgrasp, Outbray," November 10], I wanted to grapple the writer/editor into a submission hold and force him to tap out. The author obviously lacks the knowledge required to write an informative article. It is loosely written, almost incoherent babbling. The wrestler pictured is not Kurt Angle but John Cena.

It appears that the author's intention is to bash wrestling by making the entertainers appear stupid (Big Show) and slutty (Trish Stratus). If ever again an article is written to discuss wrestling, I ask that you contact me. I'll write it and pin the article.

Chris Ambrose

Must've missed gushing in Criticism 101:
In my opinion, it's much more than sad that people like you get paid to critique others, when they do what you obviously are not talented enough to do [National Treasure review, November 17]. You should be so lucky as to have one-tenth the talent of Nicolas Cage.

Donna Sledge
Odessa, Texas

Go, Lyndon
Really old approaches really should work:
In your reference to Lyndon LaRouche in "Go Home, Bruce" [November 10], I'm curious about why you asked, "Isn't that guy dead yet?" It seems to me he's the answer to the Democratic Party's problems -- getting back to FDR-style policies. God knows Cleveland (my home town) could use some economic development. Have you ever read anything by LaRouche? He's very much alive!

Margaret Greenspan
Palisades Park, New Jersey

Mavin du Vin
Here's to wine-bibbers everywhere:
Thanks for your review on Hudson's Downtown 140 ["Love at Last," November 10]. Your reviews are thoughtful and comprehensive. I noted that you picked up on the Liberty School Cab. Wine freaks, such as the undersigned, are always pleasantly surprised when a Cleveland restaurant reviewer is knowledgeable on wine.

Howard Besser

True to Life
Thanks to Best Best Best -- and fall guy:
There's some great writing here ["Better Dead Than Red," November 10]. And there's some propagandizing going on too. I know that four people contributed to this story. Three of you used your talents to witness for the record, but one of you fell down on the job by editorializing a bit much.

However, you all brought these people to life (the most elusive talent for a writer). I hope that you don't mind that I have saved your piece in a file named "Best Best Best." It is filled with stories of hope and despair, stories of rage, evil, and ambition, stories of reflection -- all of them wonderfully written, like this one. I wish everyone could read it.

Arthur Decco

Nuts to the 10th
But he worked real hard on his message:
The voters of Ohio's 10th Congressional District have spoken and have returned Dennis J. Kucinich to the U.S. House of Representatives for a fifth term ["Who's the Devil?" October 27]. Despite the two-year abandonment of his constituents while he pursued a Walter Mitty-like campaign for president, despite his failure to write a single piece of substantive legislation during his eight years in Congress, and despite his abrupt, transparent, politically motivated flip-flop on the abortion issue, the majority of the voters felt that the failed presidential candidate, failed mayor, and mediocre congressman deserved another term. (It must be noted, however, that at 58 percent, it was his smallest winning margin for a congressional election.)

To me, this falls squarely into Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Lawrence J. McDonald
Fairview Park