Robert Lockwood Jr. and Gene Schwartz

Friday, December 17, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The brain trust at the Beachland has always been especially attuned to the unique musical treasures, both past and present, associated with this town. For proof, we need look no further than the periodic appearances of the long-standing duo of Delta/Chicago-blues icon Robert Lockwood Jr. and the Euclid-bred drag-racer-turned-bass-player, Gene Schwartz.

While Lockwood himself has always enjoyed a full band sound and has opted to record in that format when he can (as on 1991's What's the Score?), other producers have often gone the traditional solo route (2000's Delta Crossroads and this year's well-received The Legend Live), a preference shared by Lockwood's worldwide festival and concert audiences. Schwartz's bass, cultivated over two decades of globe-trotting with his friend and teacher, fills out Lockwood's sound without rocking the boat. At this point, the two are nothing if not in sync. Around these parts, it's hard to envision Robert without Gene at his side -- and having Robert so close at hand is a privilege. This is the best way to check him out.