Dave on Draught

St. Patrick's Day wisdom from Dave King, frontman of Flogging Molly

What's the most memorable St. Patrick's Day you've ever had?

"Well, it certainly wasn't in Ireland, because St. Patrick's Day when I was a kid in Ireland was miserable: You had to go to Mass. It wasn't fun at all. Actually, I didn't start having fun on St. Patrick's Day since I've come to America. One year we did three shows in one day. Like morning, afternoon, and then night."

Why do you suppose it's so much more of a big deal in America? Just because people want to start drinking at nine in the morning?

"I think in America you need an excuse to drink. In Ireland, you don't. In Ireland, if you want to have a drink, you have a drink. You're not too concerned about who drinks much. Over in America, sometimes I find we like to point fingers a bit at people. St. Patrick's Day, that's the one day of the year when people have nobody pointing their fingers at them."

What's the best Flogging Molly song to drink to?

"Probably 'The Worst Day Since Yesterday.' Because it's going to be the worst day since yesterday when you drink as much as I do."

How much is a usual night for you?

"Oh, I don't think you'd want people reading that. Nah, no, I'm not drinking tonight. Not after last night [laughs]. So there's your answer."

What's your best cure for a hangover?

"Probably the hair of the dog that bit ya."

Drink of choice for that?


Of course, it's a little heavy . . .

"Ahhh, I don't find it heavy, actually. I find it very comforting [laughs]."