A Porno Holocaust

Love Songs From the Bum Kennel (www.apornoholocaust.com)

Variety is the new monotony. A Porno Holocaust's debut, Love Songs From the Bum Kennel, bounces from one genre to the next every 30 seconds, dotting its generally generic riffs with sirens, zany samples, and bursts of hyperspeed drumming. Fantômas, it ain't.

Former Kung Fu Grip singer Mark Fletcher sings like Scott Stapp with a rhythm jones in "Too Drunk to Funk," a catchy but tinny tune that sounds like a badly mixed early Red Hot Chili Peppers song, down to the wok-wok guitar and slappy bass. Straight low-octane rawk, "Post Traumatic Drama Syndrome" is the disc's highlight, all big guitar poses and squealing leads. The intentionally (we hope) way-off-key "Lost My Love" proves that ironic ballads are even worse than sincere ones, and the four and a half minutes of whistling, strumming, and clangy harmonizing suddenly end in a thrashing drum fit. A Porno Holocaust might make for a fun live show, but this disc doesn't go anywhere.