Of Montreal

With the Management. Wednesday, September 7, at the Beachland Ballroom.

Of Montreal, of course, isn't of Montreal at all. This will probably be a good thing, once the Arcade Fire-driven Montreal-mania reaches its zenith and the backlash begins. For now, the band sounds quite comfy in its Athens, Georgia home, as evidenced by its latest, The Sunlandic Twins. The brainchild of loose Elephant 6 affiliate Kevin Barnes, Of Montreal wanders down the dreamy trail that the Talking Heads would have taken, if David Byrne had mind-melded with the Left Bank's "Walk Away, Renee" instead of Afrobeat polyrhythms. Like XTC and Brian Wilson before him, Barnes understands the ominousness of dark lyrics delivered lightly, optimistically -- especially when circus hurdy-gurdies, vaudeville motifs, and happy little synth bloops fill the empty spaces in the background.