Cleveland MC Tut has some words of wisdom for those who purchase his new CD. "My advice to U is hop on my sack right now cuz my dik is standin room only already," Tut brags in the liner notes to The Sound, a gritty five-song EP that begins to justify his boasts.

Possessing a deep, intimidating, and often indecipherable flow, Tut sounds like Busta Rhymes with cottonmouth. His deep-lunged rhymes are equally playful and gruff, as he spins seedy tales of gettin' high, gettin' laid, and trying to stay out of jail. But what sets Tut apart from so many other like-minded MCs are his catchy, singsong choruses, which add some murky melody to his rugged and raw street anthems. It all comes together best on "The Key," where Tut adopts a Jamaican patois to go with some funky stand-up bass and chanted backing vocals that give the song the feel of a séance. The tune encapsulates an album that's so smoked out, you'll get the munchies just listening to it.