Money Where Your Mouth Is

THIS WEEK: 10.13-10.19

Band: Facemaker (
Hometown: Akron
Sounds Like: "Teetering the fine line between rock and metal, while balancing grunge in one hand and heavy riffs in the other -- all while smoking a cigarette."
Fun Fact: "Our name is derived from a lewd sexual act, but don't tell our grandmas."
Playing: Saturday, October 15, at Club Khameleon, Kent
Why You Should See Them: "Because when we take the stage, there's enough energy in the venue to efficiently power a moderately sized Third World nation."
-- Dave "Cartman" Herron Jr., samples and vocals

Band: Brian Lisik (
Hometown: Akron
Sounds Like: "Alex Chilton and Paul Westerberg in a relatively sober state, or Tom Petty on a three-day bender."
Fun Fact: "Brian Lisik drummer Craig Lisik used to serve mocha lattes to Christina Applegate at the Coffee Bean in L.A., bassist Steve Norgrove maintains a somewhat disturbing personal relationship with 66-year-old rocker Ian Hunter, and guitarist Tory Watson looks after several ninth-grade American-history students for nine months each year. Brian Lisik himself is a pretty boring guy."
Playing: Thursday, October 13, at the Lime Spider, Akron
Why You Should See Them: "Since the dreamy sounds of Brian Lisik have inspired countless fans to get drunk, fall in love, take off their clothes, and dedicate their lives to world peace, the future of mankind may depend on it."
-- Brian Lisik, vocals and guitar

Band: Tripfuse (
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds Like: "A fusion of styles ranging from jazz to metal and everything in between."
Fun Fact: "Our bass player often moonlights as a stripper."
Playing: Saturday, October 15, at the Spot, Elyria
Why You Should See Them: "Because we will give a free button to anyone who mentions that they read this in Scene!"
-- Mike Ledinsky, guitars, vocals, and keys

Band: Legbone (
Hometown: Dayton
Sounds Like: "Legbone is a bludgeoning mix of punk and metal reached via 1985 hardcore beats and blast vocals. Take the anger of early Offspring and Screeching Weasel's harmonies, and add heavy Black Sabbath guitar riffs."
Fun Fact: "Legbone's new album, Different Path, is their first national release. It was produced by Dan Precision (88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against) at the infamous Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, Indiana. And Legbone is a Jäger band!"
Playing: Friday, October 14, at the Hi-Fi Club
Why You Should See Them: "Do you like punk? Metal? Beer? Fun? Skating? Dirty sanchezing? Fart lighting? If you answered yes to any of these, then you will have a good time at a Legbone show."
-- Mitch Legbone, guitar and vocals