Money Where Your Mouth Is

THIS WEEK: 01.26-02.01

Band: Calo


Hometown: Cleveland

Sounds like: "Hardcore combined with the attitude of old punk rock. Funk and techno vibes can be felt underneath in the rhythm. The melodic hooks are delivered in more of a jazz structure."

Fun fact: "Mike, the bass player, and Dave, the drummer, are brothers who share the name Calo."

Playing: Saturday, January 28, at the Hi-Fi

Why you should see them: "Calo is the definition of honest aggressive expression. They deliver true music in a passionate way. The first time you see Calo perform will be an epiphany."

-- Vince, singer

Band: Soldiers of Yesterday (

Hometown: Kent/Cuyahoga Falls

Sounds like: "Bassy modern rock, with sounds ranging from chunky, double-bass-laden nü-metal and hardcore to punk rock and early '90s alternative, with occasional phase-heavy Pumpkinesque riffs."

Fun fact: "We all manage to pull off what we do while attending the ninth grade."

Playing: Saturday, January 28, at Fat Jimmy's in Kent

Why you should see them: "We approve of hardcore dancing, and Nate takes off his shirt sometimes."

-- Nate, drums/vox/screams

Band: Blend (;

Hometown: Detroit

Sounds like: "Motown-infused post-pop indie rock."

Fun fact: "Our lead guitarist is obsessed with most things Ohio. Especially the Brownies and Buckeyes. And he has an uncomfortable obsession with Bernie Kosar. I mean . . . he has a poster and everything."

Playing: Thursday, January 26, at the Barking Spider Tavern and Friday, January 27, at Fat Fish Blue

Why you should see them: "We play thoughtful, engaging rock music that will make you want to scream and tear your clothes off."

-- Josh Clemens, lead singer

Band: Honeypot/Low in the Sky/Totally Awesome (;

Hometown: Akron

Sounds like: "Unique hip-hop/booty-shakin' beats/space rock."

Fun fact: "We play everything from traditional instruments to turntables, banjos, slide whistles, and circuit-bend thrift-store toys onstage."

Playing: Saturday, January 28, at the Lime Spider

Why you should see them: "Because it is strong music. And every show is wildly different. From rocking our beats onstage with Method Man, De la Soul, and Kool Keith to rockin' the basement of the Tusco Terror house with our space rock, we just play unpretentious music to have a good time."

-- Joe Minadeo, bass and beats