Last Word

What local commercial radio station should play what local bands?

"I think Switched's new songs need to be played on 92.3, 100.7, and 88.3. We have a Cleveland native writing great stuff -- why won't they play it? New disc is great. First three songs are hits, far beyond any radio rock around."

-- Matt Demko, Cleveland

"Vegas should be on 92.3 -- or at least 88.9."

-- Robin C., Akron

"Alter Boys, American Werewolves, T.B.S., Mabus Christ, Ephedra. They'd fit in well on 'MMS or 92.3 K-Rock."

-- Tom F., Mentor

"There is other good local talent out there, such as 2nd Half, Suspect, Ventana, and of course Audiblethread. Show these bands some real love and get them on the air on WMMS and 92.3."

-- Domonic R., Eastlake

Question of the week: Who was the definitive Van Halen singer? Dave or Sammy? (Or Gary?)