Letters published May 17, 2006

Spidey joke hit a nerve: Spider-Man has made me gay [First Punch, May 3]? Possibly. I saw that internet clip a couple years ago; that little jig he does is quite amusing. But there's no solid evidence to support this claim.

In neither Spider-Man nor Spider-Man 2 do you see Tobey Maguire's spider-wang or spider-buttocks, but in both movies you see nipple shots of Kirsten Dunst; she looks like the poster girl for wet T-shirt contests.

There's also no evidence that the Spider-Man comics make you gay, since comic geeks aren't ever supposed to get laid. Isn't that what you people always say? How could one know their sexual orientation when they never get any in the first place?

Frankly, I am appalled that you people of the free press (the self-styled champions of the gay community) would resort to this kind of gay-bashing.

Anthony Pennza

Definitely not amused: I want to thank those who are focusing so negatively on homosexual issues. These are the very same things that drove me to many suicide attempts.

You are so Christlike. Your pro-family stance speaks loud and clear. So many of you pro-lifers are never there for others during their actual lives. But you make demands on how their lives should be lived.

I want to thank you for ignoring those in powerful political and religious positions who are nothing more than bullies. These are the same people that bullied Jesus to His crucifixion.

Terry M. Heiman
Garfield Heights

Up With Progress
Project gives rise to flood of praise:
I feel I must ejaculate you on "Bath Time" [May 3]. It makes me swell with pride to see such a development burgeoning in our gay city. The erection of such a structure is sure to be the money shot the St. Clair neighborhood needs.

You'd think Mayor Jackson would bend over backward to accommodate more projects of the well-endowed gay community. Councilman Cimperman's eager mouthing of support merits orgiastic praise. Let's hope members of the religious right don't pound away at Fleck's new pet!

Brendan McNamara

Fan comes clean: Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your story on Cleveland's new bathhouse. I find your writing clean, compelling, phenomenal, and maybe even a little bit sexy.

Colin Dabkowski
New Orleans

Court Costs
Divorce, a luxury of the rich:
My boyfriend was so excited when he found out about "Monsters of Misery Court" [April 26]. He's going through a bad divorce against Joe Stafford. He has already gone through two attorneys who have dropped the ball. One attorney he found who was willing to give Stafford a run for his money is asking for $15,000. Hell, if I had that kind of money, I would finance this damn divorce myself.

Nancy Patterson

TEL It, Mayor
The word from East Cleveland:
I see that my letter [April 19] generated a great deal of interest. Good. Knowledge is power.

Historically, the Republican Party was founded in 1856 as the abolitionist party to oppose the Democratic Party's proposed expansion of slavery west of the Mississippi River. Democrats wanted slavery across the nation. Republicans wanted slavery abolished. I guess Scene's readers don't find it odd that it's not the Democratic Party but the Republican Party that has, statewide, two sitting African American officials -- Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and Ohio Treasurer Jeanette Bradley.

Anyone who suggests that Blackwell is a sellout because he's a Republican probably doesn't know that he increased the number of African American workers in the state treasurer's office from 2 to 18 percent, or that he spent nearly 48 percent of his budget with African American businesses. He's also offered to help the city I lead -- which is 94 percent African American -- become a national model for economic development.

Scene (which employs no full-time African American writers or editors) raised the issue of race when it described Blackwell as an "Uncle Tom." One of the reasons I had little to say to Scene about Blackwell's TEL was because the writer admitted he hadn't read it. I think ignorant writers dumb down a publication's readers.

And to the readers who ignorantly liken being an "Uncle Tom" to a "sellout," check out the definition. It will shock you. Blackwell's no sellout, and I'm ready to rumble with anyone who dares to place that label on me.

Mayor Eric J. Brewer
East Cleveland

Econ Lesson
Politicians have no head for business:
Just read your article about "Building the Ghetto of the Future" [May 10]. Why am I not surprised? But Jane is not alone with this. Frank Jackson was the most powerful man in town during her administration. As president of council and chairman of the finance committee, he appropriated the cash for these projects. The committee meetings are on TV every Monday afternoon -- does anyone ever watch them and see where our money goes and who gets it? How and why do you think Frank Jackson earned points to get elected mayor?

It is very sad that the folks running our city don't have an iota of business knowledge. They become politicians because they have no talent to make a living any other way.

Rose Strauss