Don Caballero

With Stinking Lizaveta and Donner Party Leftovers. Saturday, July 8 (late show), at the Grog Shop.

One of the pioneering acts of the '90s math-rock sound, this instrumental Pittsburgh quartet has played for 15 years in a variety of lineups, always anchored by drummer Damon Che. To call him indie rock's greatest drummer wouldn't be a stretch. With a mixture of jazzy counter-rhythms, tightly syncopated fills, and thundering backbeat, Che is central to Don Cab's churning, angular attack.

Even the albums fail to do justice to Che's virtuosity. With his kit set up in the middle of the stage, the show literally revolves around his ceaseless rumble. While most drummers are at their best when you barely notice them, Che's technique is so overt, it must be witnessed to be believed. The new album, World Class Listening Problem, the band's first in six years --and its first since Che reformed the group with a new lineup in '03 -- tends to be more melodic and less tightly wound than usual, even floating off into the prog-rock firmament on several cuts.