Dueling Commandments

Letters published August 16, 2006

Adultery vs. homicide . . . hmmm: I read your article about the soldier that killed his wife's boyfriend ["Gone in 50 Seconds," August 2]. The story was a little one-sided. Here you had a 19-year-old boy trying to play man-and-house with some little tramp. All the while, the woman's husband is off serving this country.

In the article it stated that David Heinricht called his daddy for a ride to work after Shaun Cleland showed up at his apartment. What kind of person is this? I cannot call this David Heinricht a man -- to me, he is nothing but a punk. His parents should be ashamed. Mr. Cleland is off serving this country, offering David the opportunity to work part-time, sit on his ass all day, and play videogames like an eight-year-old.

Unfortunately David's parents did not teach him anything about being a man or about pride, honor, or loyalty. This situation is so lopsided; you have a 19-year-old coward who wants to fuck a married woman and play house, but can't accept the consequences of his actions. Was he so ignorant that he did not think this woman's husband would come calling? Or was his daddy supposed to fight his battles?

And on top of everything, that filthy tramp is free to move on and destroy more people's lives? Go back to Hawaii -- we don't need garbage like you in Brunswick.

Roger Ellison

Good Riddance
Modä's gone, but the bad vibe lingers on:
After graduating from college, I couldn't wait to move into my own place in the city. I found Ohio City to be my favorite part of town.

I knew Modä would be loud. I knew I would have crime, drugs, and the solicitation of sex at my doorsteps, but what I witnessed in my 13 months was absolutely absurd. I witnessed multiple shootings, drug dealings almost daily, crack-smoking, public urination, fights, and a lazy councilman to boot.

If Joe Santiago ["New Guy," August 2] really cares about promoting his ward, why does he let places like Modä continue to operate, while he and the rest of Cleveland know it's a total nuisance?

I can say with all certainty that Joe Santiago's support of Modä and promotion of shady businesses forced me out of Ohio City. To read that Joe calls his residents "psychos" is truly sad. He must remember he is a public servant. To blame the public's lack of acceptance of homosexuality is a cop-out.

If he did his job -- and did it well -- what would he say then? Anyone who lives in Tremont or Ohio City is probably not homophobic. Have you ever been to the bars or restaurants in Tremont and Ohio City?

Dave O'Neill

Someone benefits, but it ain't the schools: According to the "New Guy": "A handful of residents gripe that the councilman is set on gentrifying their neighborhood."

The fact is that this social experiment at gentrification by Cleveland's CDCs has been tried now for several years and has failed miserably. Politicians, community leaders, and the media have long since given up on empowering the people who already reside in the city. Your birthright has shortchanged you, so live with it and don't interfere in our greedy, money-making development schemes.

Very few jobs have been created in the wards that could employ residents and give them the chance to own their homes and contribute to the tax base. They may even earn enough to move up to the middle class. But it is hard to become skilled and educated when your local schools are an incompetent, corrupt nightmare. Developers are always champing at the bit, waiting for that next school building to close so they can convert it into loft condominiums. Then the middle-class suburbanites can be snookered into buying them, so they can replace the lower-class residents and be subjected to the same crime rate everyone else is.

The new "gentri-developments" are usually built as gated communities plunked right down on the choicest land. Local officials often strong-arm the poor, uninformed residents out of their property by threatening them with bogus housing-code violations.

All this transpires under the guise of "community development," when in fact it is nothing more than a get-rich-quick Trojan horse that does absolutely nothing to improve Cleveland neighborhoods. It's time to defund all of these so-called CDCs and get back to the basics.

Joe Bialek

Thanks for Nothin'
He should've picked the glamour shot:
This was supposed to be a story about my company and what I did ["Death's Cleaning Lady," August 2]. Not only did the author, Jared Klaus, choose the very worst photo; he failed to list my company name.

He took my time with interviews, with two visits to my office plus several phone calls to me, and in return writes a negative, slanted story (parts not accurate or true, even slanderous) with the intent just to make an interesting sell for the paper.

Why on earth would you write a story and not leave a method for interested or potential customers to get hold of the firm? And, if you visit the website, you will see a nice photo of me, not the "elderly, ghostly, flowing presence of a well-lined portrait of a hard life."

Guess when one is just over 20, someone is elderly when they're not even 60 yet. I even asked him if I could get a draft of the story, but failed to have him sign something to the effect that he would. But it was far more unprofessional to write a story, based solely on the interest of the readers of a paper, bending and twisting parts of it, making the person he wrote about look bad.

My Doberman didn't snarl, but I just might.

Betty Brown
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