(Image Entertainment)

The two-disc Gigantour DVD documents a 2005 heavy-metal tour that, in the words of visionary and headliner Dave Mustaine, was "for people who love the guitar solo." Like Black Sabbath before it, the classic lineup of Mustaine's Megadeth mixed blistering hesher metal, jazz fusion, and black magic. But you'll find none of it here. Like most of the groups on this disc, Megadeth is represented by selections culled from its mediocre newer albums.

Divided into documentary and concert discs, Gigantour fails to present the most interesting parts of the tour: The post-hardcore Dillinger Escape Plan, which bewildered and antagonized the longhair crowds, isn't even mentioned. When members of all the supporting bands join Megadeth for "Peace Sells," all we get is a brief clip. While Anthrax's reunited '80s lineup appears on the CD version, it is seen only briefly on the documentary disc. Dream Theater, Dry Kill Logic, and Symphony X get the shred out, but unimaginative shots do little to capture the bands' ace playing. Crushing performances by mecha-metal pioneer Fear Factory and Viking raider Nevermore are offset by bug-eyed theatrics from nü-metaler Bobaflex. The tour was way more metal than what's here.