Child Abuse

With Silentist and Thee Scarcity of Tanks. Wednesday, September 27, at the Beachland Tavern.

If the bands on this bill needed to create a cutesy moniker for their tour, they could call it "the Rocking Horror Picture Show." Silentist, the side project of former Glass Candy man and Get Hustle's Mark Evan Burden, brings the horror with its dark, almost metal-sounding free jazz. Backed by taped loops of guitar and piano, Burden growls from behind a drum set, and for this tour, he'll be joined by vocalist August Alston, who will provide some ethereal moaning to counter the dark vibes.

The uncomfortably named headliner, Child Abuse, supplies the rock with a thundering atonal techno-thrash that can send audience members into aural convulsions. The New York City duo uses Casio keyboards and double-bass-pedal drumming -- along with hissing, guttural vocals -- to build its mighty wall of sound. Thee Scarcity of Tanks is a huge, multi-city collaborative that features a rotating cast of noisemakers playing minimalist, skronky music to back leader Matthew Wascovich's spoken-word rants.