Eloe Omoe

With A Real Knife Head and Dead Peasant Insurance. Tuesday, November 28, at Pat's in the Flats.

Not many white dudes can pull off a full-on Afro. Back in the hippie days, Rob Tyner of the MC5 headbanged with one, as did the Deviants' Mick Farren. But neither of their respective domes ever matched that of Eloe Omoe drummer Tim Leanse. In addition to laying claim to the biggest 'fro in all of rock history, this ferocious drum & bass duo from Boston also sports America's loudest collection of amps, which all belong to bassist Sam Rowell, a lovely woman and an overpowering performer.

When Eloe Omoe (named after a famous jazz musician) began life back in the 1990s, the group could play only 5- to 10-minute sets. Driving themselves to the brink of utter exhaustion, Leanse and Rowell flailed about and demolished hardcore and metal songs through incessant improvisation. These days, the pair possesses some stamina. With its rumbling, low-frequency onslaught, Eloe Omoe ruptures internal organs and causes an extra beer's worth of liver damage.