Pat Travers

Wednesday, December 13, at the Winchester.

Canadians walk among us, but unlike the Red Menace, these double agents mean us no harm . . . mostly. While our neighbors bequeathed us SCTV and Neil Young, they also subjected us to (gulp) Bryan Adams. Then again, old-school guitar-rock fans owe the Great White North big-time for Pat Travers, the veteran fretboard warrior baptized in the blue waters of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

His commercial peak came in 1979 and '80, with the albums Go For What You Know and Crash and Burn, but then the slick AOR of REO Speedcookie and its homogenized ilk knocked Travers' gritty, blues-charged rowdiness off the airwaves. The axeman perseveres though. And while he's cut back somewhat on studio work, Travers the live performer regularly strides the boards and anoints the faithful, ensuring that sweaty, grinding boogie shall not disappear from this earth. But when the man hits the Winchester on December 13, be prepared for a true rarity: Pat Travers unaccompanied & acoustic.