Vains of Jenna

With Ventana. Friday, January 12, at the Hi-Fi Concert Club, 11729 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-521-8878.

Swedish metal hardly ever sounds like this: Technically, the poodleheaded Swedes in Vains of Jenna aren't from America. And technically, they didn't come directly from the seedy streets of L.A., though their first American gig was an impressive show at the Whisky A-Go-Go. But the band's debut -- Lit Up/Let Down, produced by Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns N' Roses and Cleveland) -- makes those little factual distinctions very minor technicalities. When Vains of Jenna break out their hot licks and non-ironic hairspray, the new wave of hair metal is in full effect. Names like Lizzy DeVine, Nicki Kin, and Jack Stone qualify the band for honorary citizenship on the Sunset Strip. And for what it's worth, Bam Margera's a huge fan.