Mic Mulligan and S. Future

Original Space Neighbors (Abduction)

Mic Mulligan and S. Future claim to be from another planet, but a little research reveals they actually hail from Seattle. Then again, after listening to Original Space Neighbors, maybe there's another Seattle -- perhaps on Mars. That, or these dudes spent their early years strung out on lo-fi alien flicks. Either way, the space shtick works well for the duo.

Lyrically, Mic Mulligan touches on some fairly brainy topics (think Kool Keith), but he keeps his flow simple, with no real organization. Instead of making the MC the focal point of the music, Mulligan's voice merely complements the sounds, which come courtesy of S. Future, a solid producer with a knack for finding samples to match the duo's tripped-out vibes, especially on the track "Outerspace."

On "Advice From Uncle Jim," the duo takes a stab at a lost art form, the hip-hop interlude, where we're all sentenced to "Chinese footsie with a snapping turtle hooker." What does that mean? Who knows! But it pretty much sums up what O.S.N. is all about. Half the time, you don't know what's going on, but in a weird way, that's the allure. Maybe we can send some of our rappers back to their planet in exchange for more cats like these.