Bad Boy Bill

With Evan Evolution. Friday, February 2, at Metropolis.

Subtlety has never been a weapon in the arsenal of veteran mixmaster Bad Boy Bill (born William Renkosik), a DJ who first broke nationally in the rave daze of the early '90s, via a relentlessly energetic mix series called Bangin' the Box. And that's exactly what his fans want: someone to keep 'em on their toes with both familiar and surprising grooves.

Part of the DJ crew Hot Mix 5, he began his career in the '80s on the Chicago radio station WBMX. Since then, he's maintained a reputation as one of the most skilled mixers in dance music, a field where technique often falls prey to novelty. Drawing from a colorful palette of anthemic house, as well as harder-edged techno, Bad Boy Bill takes no prisoners on the dance floor -- even when it's style over substance.