Horrible Fest

"We wanted a place to support the underground and not the commercial side of music," says Paul Schlacter, part owner of Now That's Class, Cleveland's latest punk hangout. Occupying the former home of Deco, a gay bar on the city's West Edge, the joint still boasts a giant mural featuring a dude cupping his cock and balls. More important, Now That's Class, along with Tower 2012, hosts the second annual Horrible Fest: three nights and two days of debauched punk bands from around the country.

Last year's fest remains a booze-stained liver spot on the city. Saturday's matinee began with a band called Rot Shit tossing a live eel onto the floor, which, in turn, provoked total chaos. "Some people got all animal-rights activist on us -- picked up chairs. And then everyone else started picking up chairs and throwing them," explains local promoter Ryan Dahl.

This time around, Horrible Fest features performances by Virginia's Candy Snatchers as well as over 30 other acts with names like American Cheeseburger and Pulling Teeth. But don't count out the locals: Cleveland rippers the Inmates, Cheap Tragedies, and the reunited Mcshitz all plan to add some Clevo-shenanigans. It should be a memorable blackout.